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Beyond Dance Company

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BDC is a dance company for the experienced dancer ages 6 and up. Our mission is to create an elite group of dancers that value not only community involvement through performance and volunteer work, but also through expanding their knowledge and appreciation of the arts. We want to open these dancers to the world of dance outside our studio doors and let them experience classes with master teachers as well as a chance to compete with their team.

BDC Audition Requirements:

• Must be 6 years of age or older as of Jan. 2024.

   Ages 4-6 can register for Pre-Competition class to prepare for company auditions. 

• $30 Audition Fee & BDC Application due at the time of registration.

• Audition Date: Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12.

• Registration closes on August 9 at 12:00pm.

• Once all registrations are in you will receive an email with your dancer’s audition time.

• 2023-2024 BDC Company Members will be announced within 30 minutes after auditions end.

• All company members will have a company meeting prior to the first rehearsal.

Expectations of our Company Members:

Conventions/ Competitions

• BDC will have the opportunity to attend dance competitions/conventions throughout the year. Some of the conventions will have competition opportunities for solos, duets, trios and small groups.

• BDC Company members will attend 3-4 dance competitions as a team. We will also have optional competition options for solos, duets, trios etc.



Class Requirements:

• Company classes are held on either Mondays or Tuesdays.  Rehearsals will be on Wednesdays or Thursdays, with a possibility of occasional Saturday rehearsals if needed.

• BDC company members must notify the director of any absences for company rehearsals by email, phone or text. Absences need to be kept to a minimum.

  • For each group you are in (Tap, Jazz etc) you will have a class in that genre each week.  You will also be required to take a ballet class.  Only exception is if you are in Tap and/or Hip Hop only.  ​

Solo, Duet and Trio Requirements (OPTIONAL):

 • All solos, duets and trios must be approved by the director. • $50 per hour while learning choreography (Minimum of 3 hours) • $50 per hour for cleaning • Must schedule TWO half hour or more rehearsal sessions per month 

Uniform & Required BDC Attire:

• BDC Backpack - $100  • BDC Jacket - $100  • Rehearsal attire: All black.  Proper dance attire.  • Leotard, Hot Shorts, Leggings • Hair pulled back

 BDC Company Fees and Tuition :

• Company members - $60 BDC Tuition per month (per BDC class) + $60 monthly fee for rehearsals (per BDC class)  (multiple group discounts) • Costume Fees - $100 per routine • Competition Fees - $50 - $60 per routine depending on competition ** All Competition Fees are per dancer and per routine. ** ** ALL COMPETITIONS ARE TENTATIVE AT THIS TIME ** Please keep in mind any overnight hotel costs.

We will have fund raisers to help with uniform, fees, ets. 

We look forward to seeing you at auditions.  We will learn so much and have tons of fun!

Thank you!

Infinity Dance Staff

2023-2024 Beyond Dance Company Members

Timeless Jazz      Immensity Jazz                           Eternity Jazz

44, 45                  40, 41, 42, 43                 48, 49, 50, 54, 55, 56,57


Timeless Tap        Immensity Tap                          

44,45                    41, 42, 46

                            Immensity L/C      Endless L/C        Eternity L/C

                         42, 43, 45, 47       48, 50, 51, 52     54, 55, 56, 57

                            Immensity HH       Endless HH   

           44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 47, 45     48, 49, 50, 51, 53

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